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Automatic Car Wash

Uno's Automatic Car Wash - Concord, New Hampshire

Uno's automatic car wash uses the best car wash chemicals available in the world. Uno's car wash is not a touch free car wash. Uno's knows that your car needs to be touched with a soft cloth to get the best clean. Uno's has won over many customers who used to use one of the numerous touch free car washes in the area simply because Uno's car wash cleans better. The simple fact is that if you want something really cleaned, it has to be touched. Your car may look clean after it has been squirted at a touch free car wash, but as many of our customers have found out, when your car dries, it has a film on it that will remain there until it is scrubbed off.


Uno's Automatic Car Wash - Concord, New Hampshire

When your car first enters the automatic car wash, each wheel is sprayed with an Uno's developed liquid wheel cleaner at no extra cost. Uno's wheel cleaner was designed to break up the hardened crust on your tires, which can be difficult to get off. The crust is a result of "break dust" that is caused from normal use of your car's disc breaks.

There is no other car wash in the area that can clean your car better than Uno's. Bring your car in today!

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