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Uno's Auto Detailing - Concord, New HampshireIt seems that many of us live in our cars today. We travel longer distances to and from work. We conduct business in our cars. We eat meals in our cars. Our kids even watch TV in our cars. It's no wonder that the interior of our cars take a beating and get messy. But who has the time to clean their car's interior? The staff at Uno's does. They have a lot of time, because Uno's is open 7 days a week.

Years ago cleaning your car's interior was a long drawn out ordeal. It was necessary to make an appointment days or weeks in advance. Your car was gone for an entire day. And, you got charged $200-300. Too much hassle and way too expensive.

Uno's Auto Detailing - Concord, New Hampshire

Uno's solution to this ordeal is simple. Good service at a reasonable price at the convience of the customer. No appointment is need ed for detaling at Uno's. Your car will be cleaned while you wait. And, all detailing services include an exterior wash in Uno's automatic "clean wheels" car wash.

Check out our menu of detailing services below.

Detailing Menu

Interior Express $35.00
● Carpets and mats vacuumed
● Windows cleaned inside and out
● Interior surfaces dusted and cleaned
● Leather and plastic surfaces are dressed to provide a protective finish
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Carpet Express $70.00
Provides the same service of "Interior Express" PLUS a deep cleaning of carpets and mats that dries fast and leaves a pleasant scent in your vehicle.
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Express Polish $40.00
● Provide the vehicle with a deep, durable shine for the "new car" look
● Protects clear coat finish
● Removes light oxidation
● Tire revitalizer
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Triple Express $105.00
All three Express services for that "new car" look inside and out.
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