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Self Service Car Wash

Uno's Self Service Car Wash - Concord, New Hampshire

For customers who like to wash their own vehicles, Uno's has 4 self service wash bays. The self service bays are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. As in the automatic car wash, the self service bays use the highest quality car wash chemicals available in the world. You can simply wash and rinse your vehicle, or you can wash it with Uno's soft cleaning scrub brush, rinse it, and wax it. However you want to clean your car, you can do it at Uno's.

Uno's Self Service Car Wash - Concord, New Hampshire

Unlike other car washes, Uno's self service bays provide scrub brushes for your wheels, glass cleaner, window towels, and car drying towels all at no extra cost. Uno's also provides hot water throughout the year. Many self service car washes provide hot water only during the winter to help remove ice and salt. In the spring, the hot water is turned off. Uno's knows that you know that hot water cleans better.

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